Rigby & Partners offer a host of services that would assist any construction project. From the early pre-planning stage to post-construction tweaks and everything in between, we've got the tools and acumen to get the job done. A detailed breakdown of the services we offer can be viewed below.

Pre-planning consultation 

In the very early stages of a project we can get involved and steer it in the right direction to avoid any hiccups in proceedings further down the line. This is especially important when it comes to drainage as it can be a stumbling block with local authorities and is often overlooked. 

Planning applications

A project is nothing if it doesn't have planning permission. We can put together an outline planning package for a project containing all the necessary, site specific information. It would then be submitted to the relevant local authority for approval. 

Reinforced concrete design

R&P are well versed in the world of reinforced concrete. Foundation pads, yard slabs, retaining walls, equipment bases and more. We have all the necessary experience and tools to design to any project requirements.

Steel frame analysis

Often there are requirements to alter the function of an existing steel frame, or perhaps add some additional equipment to it. If there is little information about the current loading regime, a full frame analysis is required to assess the current capacity of the building. This analysis is carried out in house by our skilled engineers following a site visit to survey the existing structure.

Steel frame design

We have been designing steel frames for almost 50 years. We use state of the art software to design and detail any steel structure, tailored to the clients specific needs. Whether it be a 300m long warehouse or a 35m tall open plan freezer we have all the tools and expertise to do the job. Any extensions to an existing structure can also be designed and detailed in house.

Surface water drainage design

Surface water drainage is becoming more and more of a hot topic with local authorities, due to increased flooding in recent years. R&P use complex storm surge modelling software to accurately analyse and design storm water attenuation systems, this minimises the risk of potential flooding on site and in the surrounding areas.

Trade effluent drainage design

R&P can offer the most efficient and effective drainage designs when it comes to getting rid of any production discharge from a factory. We work closely with effluent treatment plant suppliers to provide a complete system that removes and treats any factory waste to a clean enough standard where it can be discharged into the local foul network. 

Foul water drainage design

R&P can design a new foul system or modify and existing system to connect any new foul discharges to an existing foul sewage network. Discharge from hand wash basins, toilets, showers etc all fall under this category.